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The Importance of Post-Launch Planning: MDM Pre-Launch Checklist

Why the launch is just the first step to success in MDM implementations and how to finish the job.

Master Data Management projects often struggle because the launch is seen as the finish, rather than as a key milestone that inaugurates a process of continual improvement.

This white paper examines the checklist of what companies need to do in the wake of an MDM launch to ensure a successful implementation. A successful data governance framework supplies the people, processes, and technologies required to answer these questions and maximize the value that data provides to the organization.

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MDM Launch Checklist

The MDM pre-launch checklist provides a strong foundation to build the operational services needed to fully support an MDM implementation in all the post-launch phases.

Common MDM Post-Launch Phases

Once companies have launched their MDM projects, there are four major phases they are likely to experience – this is less intentional. Expecting those phases and planning for them is what most companies forget to do.